Beginner Tutorials: How to build a game in Elm — Part 1

Part 1 of 12 — The Game Loop

3 min readJun 8, 2019

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This is the first of 12 parts tutorial about making a game in Elm. Pure Functional Programming are a good fit for video games development, as expressed at the QuakeCon Convention by John Carmack.

Couple of disclaimers:

  1. I’m not a game developer, this was just an exercise that I wanted to do with my children to expose them to video games from a different perspective
  2. The code is not optimised for performance but it still pretty fast
This is what we are going to make in this part 1 of the tutorial

Let’s get started!

The game loop

Differently from a regular web application that sleep for most of the time and wake up only in case of some event, like an user click for example, a game is always awake.

This is done through a never ending loop, something like (in pseudo-code):

while game is running
process inputs
update game world
generate outputs